U.S Measles Cases Recorded to be the Highest in 20 Years; Anti-Vaxxers to be blamed!


The sudden outbreak in the number of cases is linked up to the people who travel internationally and are not been vaccinated to fight the virus. Currently, America is facing the record-breaking number of measles cases in past two decades, as reported by health officials.


The majority of the cases reported originate from travelling internationally, and tourists who are not vaccinated are easily targeted to contract the disease. Once they return after travel, the virus can get infected to the other members who are not vaccinated in their respective communities.

Since last October, there is an outbreak of measles case being experienced in Philippines; the country known for its tourism locations has tourist people travelling to and getting infected from the disease. There are around 32,000 cases of measles recorded from beginning of the year to till 20thApril, and around 41 deaths tracked.

Most part of the measles outbreak in United States has been recorded and centered to be coming from state Ohio, where 183 cases has been reported till 23rd May. The infection spread mostly in Amish communities in Ohio, who had travelled very recently to Philippines.


On 23rd May, the overall count of cases reported was 288, out of which 97 percent, that is 280 counts, is linked to people who weren’t vaccinated for measles. Due to the infection, 14 percent of these people had to be admitted to hospitals.

Having a successful history for vaccines in United States, an outbreak of these types has turned to be more complex. In the year 2000, it had been announced to have eradicated measles from United States, but now, as it returned doctors are either having very little or completely nil experience in detecting the symptoms. But now, ever since the anti-vaccination movement is held in full swing in communities all over the country, the disease has re-appeared in country and allowed to spread.

People are getting motivated to follow up with the vaccines in an effort to prevent the measles virus to spread any further. Doctors across countries are persuaded to look out for symptoms, that can include cough, fever and rash that can start spreading from head and then move down all over the body. In order to prevent it from spreading any further, a person who gets infected by measles needs to be kept isolated, especially away from those people, who are not vaccinated.

The anti-vaxxers also put their own children at grave risk, alongside the rest of the society, and it’s high time that people understand the importance of vaccination, and bring down the extent of infections, and curb measles not just in US, but across the world!

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