Metformin Aids in Weight Loss Among the Obese Children

weight loss

Obese kids, who aren’t suffering from Type-2 diabetes, can take the drug metformin to improve their exercise habits and diet to shed some pounds. When this drug is accompanied by lifestyle changes, it yields impressive results, according to a study.

weight loss

Metformin should be taken along with lifestyle changes in obese kids; however, researchers believe that the drug alone isn’t that likely to lead to weight loss in significant amount. Marian McDonagh, the lead researcher, who is also an associate professor in clinical epidemiology and medical informatics department at Oregon Health & Science University, stated that the drug doesn’t have enough power to do everything on its own, but it can certainly help the cause.

There are many kids who suffer from weight issues in the US; almost 18% of children between the ages 6 and 19 are classified as overweight. FDA has approved Metformin to treat Type 2 diabetes in kids above 10 years of age. And, the doctors have been prescribing the drug to obese children, who have no diabetes.

McDonagh and his team members have examined 14 clinical trials, which were comprised of 1000 kids in the age group of 10 – 16, and all of them were obese. Adults tied to obesity should reduce their weight by at least 5 to 15 percent to minimize the risks associated with obesity and other health problems. The weight loss due to metformin in the study is said to be less than 5% on an average.

weight loss

Researchers are trying hard to invent some treatment that can aid weight reduction naturally. Parents are also worried about the recent treatments, drugs, and their long-term implications. Due to the fact that metformin is approved by FDA as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes, doctors have been using it as ‘off-label’ to treat obesity in kids, who don’t have diabetes. The drug has proved very effective to reduce weight for many years.

The research has been published in the journal of JAMA pediatrics. The Director of Yale University Prevention Research Center, Dr. David Katz stated that metformin drug is helpful in both preventing and treating diabetes. Dr. David Katz wasn’t a part of the research, but said metformin as a byproduct reduces weight and treats insulin resistance to control blood sugar.

Metformin is useful in some form, though it may not treat all varieties of obesity. Dr. William Muinos from Miami Children’s Hospital says metformin should be prescribed only to those obese kids, who are at the risk of diabetes, and not suffering from it already.

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