Know More About the Laser Eye Correction Surgery

laser eye correction surgery

An eye correction surgery is a good way to get your eyesight corrected in a go! However, it is important to understand that a surgery is not the only solution at your disposal. Now, when it comes down to an eye correction surgery, the laser surgeries are the pick of the lot at the moment.

laser eye correction surgery

There are a couple of very common main laser surgeries: the LASIK, and the PRK. LASIK is basically acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, and during this eye correction surgery method, a flap on the eye is cut open to facilitate the laser to enter the inner surface, and perform its magic on retina. PRK on the other hand (which refers to Photorefractive Keratectomy), involves changing shape of the eye surface; in PRK sculpting is done rather than cutting the flap.

When you compare PRK and LASIK, the latter one turns out to be lot more popular as it doesn’t involve lot of pain in the surgical process. And, more importantly, LASIK also requires less recovery time. PRK and LASIK are acclaimed to involve very low risk levels in comparison to the other forms of eye correction surgeries, and

In cases of cataract, the LASIK however fails to serve the purpose, and IOL surgery needs to be performed, which involves implantation of an intraocular lens into eyes of patient as a replacement to the clouded eye lens. The cataract eye correction surgery requires 1-2 hours at the most, and the eyes are given anesthetic treatment before the surgical process; so, you won’t feel any pain!

laser eye correction surgery

The choice of laser vs non-laser eye correction surgery depends largely upon the degree of correction required, and the type of problem.

A good eye-specialist will be able to help you out in listing out your options, and evaluating them in detail. If you want a quick and efficient vision correction surgery for a simple case, then the LASIK is obviously the very first thing an eye-specialist is going to suggest. But, as mentioned earlier it is hard to predict the most-appropriate eye correction methodology that will suit your needs in the best possible manner.

As a matter of fact, you must never have any prejudices about the various vision correction methodologies, and makeup your mind to go ahead with a particular treatment without consulting at least a couple of skilled eye-surgeons, and eye-specialists. As far as the pricing goes, a laser eye correction surgery is definitely going to cost you a little more than the conventional surgical procedures; but, you will get low risk promise, and speedy recovery, as opposed to the trivial eye correction methods.

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