Guide to Fighting Insomnia with Herbal Remedies and Ensuring a Peaceful Sleep

herbal remedies and ensuring a peaceful sleep

Most of the people do suffer from sleeping disorder, commonly known as insomnia, due to which, people find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep for long hours. It could have one or more symptoms, including feeling too tired soon after waking up, having trouble going back to sleep once you get up in middle of the night, and lack of proper time to get up, sleep etc. For some, it’s a short term problem, while with others, it can be a chronic disorder. So, let’s delve into the details, before we see how herbal remedies can assist in fighting insomnia.

herbal remedies and ensuring a peaceful sleep

Common Causes

The common causes are hormonal imbalance, mineral deficiency, indigestion, prescription drugs, vitamin deficiency, too much of stress, etc. After finding yourself struggling to get enough sleep, you may decide to take some sleeping pills, but even before that, you should know the pros and cons of such medications and what would be its side effects, alternatives, and safety precautions. The herbal remedies will have less side effects and more positive impacts on this disorder, making you to get a good night’s sleep.

Taking Care of Your Diet

Before opting for home remedies, at the first place you should start with your diet – what to eat, the time, and schedule – everything has to be counted as they’ll have a considerable overall impact on how well you sleep during the night.

You must ensure that you leave a long gap between your dinner and sleep. Many health experts suggest the gap to be minimum 2 to 3 hours to get better sleep as you would end up digesting your food at night.

It is also recommended not to consume sugar before going to bed as it’s often known to hinder sleep.

More Suggestions

Other things to be avoided include cheese or processed items, like deli meats, ham, and bacon. These foods contain tyramine that is the main cause of release of Norepinephrine, a type of brain stimulant, which makes it difficult to sleep.

herbal remedies and ensuring a peaceful sleep

You must follow few strategies in order to achieve good sleep, as explained below.

Stick to a Regular Bedtime: Setting a regular bedtime is one of the best ways to get sleep; whenever you are tired or stressed due to working hard, you can go to bed immediately, without waiting for your regular time. It’s a normal tendency to wake up very late in the morning during weekend- try to break this custom. Follow small steps, like waking up 15 or 30 minutes earlier and expanding it in later days.

Maintain the Same Waking Time: If you’re not able to get up on your own, set an alarm so that you would be up on time. Otherwise, you do not need alarm. Make sure that you maintain the same routine both on weekdays and weekends.

Take a Small Nap during Daytime: If you need some more hours of sleep, try to take a small nap during daytime, instead of sleeping late on regular basis. This is the best method to maintain your regular sleep-wake rhythm, without actually disturbing your night sleep that often backfires in case of insomnia patients. If you’re suffering from insomnia, it is better to skip nap as it may worsen the things. If you have to take a small nap, you can prefer afternoon session and limit it to 30 minutes or so.

Things to Do after Dinner: If you are unable to control your sleep soon after dinner every day, you must prefer some other activities, including calling up your friends, dish washing, or making things ready for next day, etc. Also, avoid large meals at night as it may cause indigestion, which may eventually interfere with sleep.

Try Out the Herbal Sleeping Aids

If you often to work too much late at nights, try a cup of tea made from herbs like catnip or chamomile that helps to soothe the stomach and calm the nerves. Passing flower also helps in relaxing the nerves, allowing for easy rest. Kava too promotes deep sleep and also can enhance dreams. Do not combine the herb with alcohol. Hops are used in herbal sleep pillows. It is best effective for mild insomnia and also can be taken internally in tincture or tea form. Try these long term remedies versus short term ones.

You feel no grogginess after consuming valerian and also improve sleep quality. Used as a replacement for caffeine and alcohol at night, these help the body relax and prepare for a wind down night. Taken along with other aid, like change in diet and exercise definitely helps you to restructure your routine, which will be favorable to sleep. These are pleasant, yet non-addictive way of promoters to regain long term sleep quality.

There are number of home remedies sleeping aids that you can as well choose from the above listed tips to have a good night’s sleep.

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